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What happens when two friends, one married to a dermatologist, and the other with a golf-loving dad who has been treated for pre-cancers on his scalp, put their heads together? They develop a sun protective hat liner to be placed in everyone’s favorite hat.

Most people don’t realize that many of our hats and clothing only provide a minimal amount of protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. And, let’s face it, many of those who have purchased a proven sun protective hat leave it sitting in their closet because they would much rather wear one of their favorite hats. We were determined to find a solution to help our families and others more safely enjoy time outside without worrying about choosing function over fashion. Together, we developed a simple way to provide much-needed sun protection for a person’s scalp without any change to what they already wear. Our patent-pending design is a hidden, UPF 50+ sun-protective hat liner that can be inserted into almost any hat in seconds.

We hope the buyers of our Sundercover® hat liners continue to live active lifestyles and enjoy many safe days of fun in the sun for years to come. 

Be Safe, Play Outdoors,

Stephanie and Jill.


At Sundercover®, we believe that enjoying outdoor activities is essential to everyone’s physical and mental health and that the danger of UV exposure should not prevent anyone from going outdoors. Our mission is to help reduce the incidence of skin cancers on the scalp by empowering consumers with information and providing an affordable and easy solution, the Sundercover® hat liner, that allows them to more safely participate in outdoor activities while wearing any of their favorite hats. The UV blocking hat liner’s added benefits of reducing sun damage to hair, sweat absorption and ease of cleaning, which could extend the life of any hat, will hopefully incentivize consumers to “keep it under their hat” and block UV rays even when sun protection is not top of mind. 

Our Philosophy
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